Human Behavior


There comes news of a wonderful discovery in northern Mexico, the Cueva de los Cristales, where selenite crystals grow to enormous size, dwarfing the orange-suited explorers in the photos provided in the National Geographic story. Those photos, especially the one reproduced above, take me back to Pope’s Grotto and the beautiful sets created for the film Fantastic Voyage. In the Mexican cave, though, the effect is more pronounced, much more what I had in mind for scenes that unfold inside the diseased, hunchbacked body of the author of “An Essay on Man.” In my film, the anatomical structures may appear gigantic, but it is the explorers who are the size of homunculi, and their task is to impose an Augustan symmetry on the messy, romantic sublime we find both in great caverns and human cavities, rearranging things so that when the explorers emerge, and Pope awakes, he stands straight and tall, as physically commanding as he is philosophically adroit. History is rewritten: the Age of Reason has its hero, and the Enlightenment Project is completed before the irresistable illogic of human behavior has a chance to postpone it forever.

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One Comment on “Human Behavior”

  1. lisa b Says:

    I love this blog. You are so clever and fascinatingly eclectic. Are you married?

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